Eurosprint Freight Services are now certified as a UK Authorised Economic Operator by HMRC.

UK Autorised Economic Operator

AEO status is an internationally recognised quality mark that shows our role in the international supply chain is secure and the customs controls are efficient and meet UK and EU standards.

To achieve AEO status all procedures of the business have been inspected and scrutinized by HMRC. Eurosprint have successfully demonstrated a consistency in our performance and processes along with a high level of knowledge and experience in customs procedures and international transport.

AEO is not a mandatory requirement, but it does give quicker access to some simplified customs procedures and, in some cases, the right to ‘fast-track’ shipments through some customs and security procedures. As the UKs final departure from the EU approaches customs clearances services will be in demand and an increase in “time critical freight” can be expected. Eurosprint are perfectly placed to offer both products which means we keep our customers products moving smoothly and deliver on time.

Eurosprint are very proud of the benefits AEO status will bring our clients and thankful to our loyal members of staff for the time and commitment that has gone into achieving this wonderful accreditation

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